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Terms and Conditions of Service
The purpose of is to provide a platform for Pakistani adults to get to know each other. For using this website, it is important to becoming a member of this website by AGREEING to our Terms and Conditions. It is important to note that we have the authority to change these Terms and Conditions any time we want, without any prior notification.

It is important to note that when you agree to our Terms and Conditions, you accept the fact that you will be using your membership for your own personal purpose and you will not transfer your membership to any other person or entity.

Our Eligibility Criteria: Since this website is a platform for adults to meet and get to know each other, minors, or those who are under 16 years of age, are not eligible to get registered as members.

Register: Anyone who falls under the eligibility criteria can register as a member of this website for free. When you register for the services which this website is providing, you automatically become a member. Also, upon registration, you can also add any type of information required. It is important that all the data which you include during the registration process is valid, or else if proven otherwise, we have the right to terminate your account immediately without any prior notice.

Subscription: For additional features for this website after you have registered and become a member of it, you have to pay a certain amount of fees. When you subscribe, you are allowed to communicate more with the other members of this website. If the information you have added about yourself is false, and if your account is terminated for that reason, that it is important to note that no amount of your money will be returned to you.

Termination Of Account: Once you have registered your account, you are eligible to terminate it any time you want. For terminating your account, all you have to do is follow the instructions present on the website.

In case we terminate your account for any fraudulent activity, you will not be notified beforehand and none of your money shall be returned. Furthermore, you may also be prohibited from any use of this service in the future as well.

We reserve all the rights to terminate your account.


  • The information posted by you on the website is true, and you are the only person who has got access to your profile.
  • Any photograph which is posted in your profile is yours and you have got all the exclusive rights to it.
  • Once you have posted all the information and photographs of yours on our website, you agree that we have got all the rights of distribution in any way possible.
  • Your address and any other contact information provided to the website by you are authentic.
  • You will only post that information in your public profile as is asked by the website.
  • You will not post any inappropriate or junk mails to the other members of the forum.
  • You will not stalk any of our members, even if it is on the internet.
  • You will not reproduce any of our site’s copyrighted material.
  • You will not use your profile for doing any type of advertising at all.
  • The Service is not responsible for providing any type of intermediary service between you and any other member of the website.
  • You will not post any type of explicit or sexual material in your profile.
  • We have the authority of changing our Terms and Conditions of service any time without informing you beforehand. You agree that when you subscribe for our service, you will provide us with an authentic email address for contacting you or sending you any type of information which you may require base don your profile.
  • While contacting any of our representatives in our Customer Service, you will not use any type of abusive language.
  • Your subscription can be terminated any time by us if you use sexually offensive, racially discriminating, abusive and/or threatening language in your profile and/or with another member and/or with any of our employee.
  • You will not sell any of the information stored on the website or any of the information belonging to the website to any person or entity.
Being a member you should GUARANTEE that you will not hold our owner, employees and any third party related to us responsible for any expenses, liabilities and costs in case of any breach of agreement from your side, any use of the Service using your photographs and pictures as we get complete ownerships of them once you have registered as a member, and the consequence of any activity which you may perform as a member of this website.

The Service is not responsible for the content and the personal information which the members post in their profiles. The Service also does not hold any responsibility for the advice and personal views which the members post in their profiles as they are their personal view points only.

Members Privacy:
Any information which you include in this website will be used by us for building your profile and getting to know about your browsing preferences. We also do not give any guarantee to the fact that you will be receiving an uninterrupted service from our side.

Although, it is imperative that all the members of this website should be 16+, yet we are not responsible for providing any type of guarantee that all the members are of the required minimum age. Also, if any member is uploading obscene content in his or her profile, the Service is not responsible for that. If any of the information which you have posted on the website is being misused by another member, the Service does not hold any responsibility for that.

We are also not liable to any of our member for any kind of damage, direct or otherwise, which might be caused due to any type of interruption in the use of the service. If we hold any liability to you, it is limited to how much you have paid to us as your subscription fee and as a member of this website. Whatever interaction you may have with the other members of the website is solely your responsibility as the Service is not responsible for conducting any type of background search on the existing or the new members.

CONTACT US for the handling of any complaints and issues related to the service.