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Privacy Statement
The Privacy Statement of specifically focuses on how the privacy policy of this Service works for all of its members. It is ideal that before becoming a member of this website, you should go through our Privacy Policy so that you may know how this whole website functions. It is also important to understand that this Privacy Policy is incorporated in the Service’s Terms and Conditions and that you should also agree to it before becoming a member.

Who Is Eligible To Use This Website/Service?
Only people who are older than 16 years of age are eligible to become a member of this website. You can only submit any personal information about yourself, if you are a minor, through the consent of your parents.

How Do We Provide Our Service?
Our main aim is to provide you with a quality service by collecting personal information about our members and disseminating it in an efficient manner. The personal information which you provide us about yourself is also distributed in a customized manner to the other members for finding suitable matches for you. For providing our members with more efficient service, we also feature our different members in the newsletters which we send out through emails.

For privacy purposes we do not show our members’ phone numbers and address in their profiles. The rest of the general information is displayed for the other members to have a look at. In this way you are able to find matches based on the same interests and requirements. Also, the other members can also contact you by looking at what your profile says about you.

All the information which you provide us with is stored in our databases, where it is safe and secure. For tracking all the information stored with us, we use cookies and other tools. We also use your IP address to track which websites interest you. We also use your personal information for finding suitable matches for you based on your demography, age, gender and the interests which you hold. If you are not willing to let us use cookies for tracking down any type of information related to you, you can always decline the usage of cookies through your browser.

We also collect certain information about our members through the help of third party advertisers. We use some specific tools for collecting such information through advertisements.

How Do We Use The Information Which We Have Collected?
The information which you have provided us with and which we have collected through third parties is used by us for making sure that you are following the Service’s Terms and Conditions properly. We also use this information to make sure that one member is not present on our website through the use of multiple IDs. This information is also utilized by us for solving any disputes which may arise between two different members of our website.

We also make sure that through the proper use of the information provided by you and the other members, the services of our website can be improved. Through the use of the information which you have provided to us, we may also direct some advertisements in you direction which may be of some specific interest to you.

Although the information which you have provided us with is kept confidential, yet we do not guarantee that any private information which you may provide any other member of the website will not be disclosed. There is also a high probability that some members or other parties may misuse all the information with which you have provided them. For that we are not responsible at all. In some cases we might be forced to disclose all the personal information about you, especially when the government or any law enforcement agency asks us to. Thus, it is important to understand that all the information with which you provide us with will not be kept private during all the instances.

It is also important to note that we do not sell or rent any of the personal information of our members to any third party except when the parties identify the information themselves. Your personal information may be disclosed automatically in the following cases:

  • Since you are required to enter your credit card information, your personal information might be disclosed through it. Remember that your financial information is not just restricted your credit card number only as we may also require your address and telephone number for sending you all the billing information related to the usage of our website. Since there are many other parties and/or websites which are responsible for holding discounts and rebates, all your financial information is also transmitted to them. Your financial information is also used by the website for any discounts or packages you may be eligible for. These websites are eligible to use any financial information related to you according to the agreement which we and our Service may have with them. In this way all the information provided to us is used not only by our website but also by any third party which is related to us. The third arty may include, but is not limited to, the intermediary bank which processes all the billing procedures as well as your credit card company. Also, it is important to note that any information which you provide us with may also be disclosed to any of the parties related or not related to us, under specific circumstances.
  • The information which is provided to us is collected by us in such a manner that it is transmitted to our advertisers in such a way that our members do not become personally identifiable. These advertisers use this information for their promotion and marketing purposes only. There are also many external service providers which provide you with different services for using our website. If you agree to use their services then you are also providing them with your personal information.
  • Our website is also connected with several other subsidiaries and/or a parent company which are working hard to make your experience on our website an excellent one. Your information maybe provided to one or all of them in case we sell out our services to another service provider or merge with any other subsidiary of our own.
  • We are also eligible to disclose any information about you to any law enforcement agency upon asking.

How Can You Use The Information Of The Other Members?
As a member of this website you have got access to the chat rooms and other forums owned by us. In this way you can communicate with the other members of our website. When you agree to this Privacy Policy, you agree that you can only use the information of other members for non-commercial usage only, and/or as allowed by the member. You are not allowed to disclose any personal information of the other members to any third party without the consent of that member.

Your Member Profile:
Once you have become a member of our website, you can change or update any type of information you have uploaded about yourself. You can not only change your registration information but your email address and password as well.

Based on our suspension policy, we can also suspend your membership and any of your information stored with us after a request from you. But it is also important to note that we cannot simply delete all of your information stored in our databases because of technical issues.

It is also important that you should not disclose you password to any member of our website or any other third party as well. In case you disclose your password to someone, the Service is not responsible for any legal issues which may arise because of that. It is also important that you should not forget your password, otherwise all the information stored in your profile will be considered as lost.

Security Of Your Profile:
We make sure that we practice all the legal methods to safeguard all the personal information which you may have disclosed to us. We use advanced firewalls and other tools for making sure that no third party gets hold of any of your private information through illegal methods. We also use different tools for preventing any unauthorized access to your account.

We are eligible to change our Privacy Policy any time we feel like. We usually provide our members with a notification at least 30 days prior to the actual new Privacy Policy coming into effect. In case you do not agree to any changes in our Privacy Policy, you should let us know by contacting us.